Monday, August 29, 2011

Plastic Canvas - Coaster

The above lay-out and design is not my original design, I found it in:  Plastic Canvas Stitch Dictionary by Leisure Arts.

   Here I used 7-Mesh* Plastic Canvas and cut out 26 x 26 Thread** count. I also used medium 4 worsted yarn, which I no longer have the tag for otherwise I would be more specific on color brand etc... I do, however usually buy red heart ♥, which I purchase at Wal-Mart.
    For the above picture I used the Milanese Stitch for the outside corners, the back-stitch for fill space behind the main decor (The Square/Diamond Shapes). Now for the centerpiece I used the Leviathan Stitch- Double Variation, using the same two colors I used for the outside corners. For specifications on each stitch  used here and more I recommend the Plastic Canvas  Stitch Dictionary by Leisure Arts, or you may be able to find them via online search.
   While adding the stitches remember not to stitch the outer thread. We will leave this open for attaching a back to the piece. (Shown below)  For a backing I used a felt that closely matched my yarn color, cutting to
the size (or slightly smaller) of the coaster which is approximately 3.7" x 3.7". Making it slightly small works great because felt stretches, whereas cutting it too large will cause your coaster to be bumpy and not sit correctly. To attach the backing onto the coaster I used the basic overcast stitch.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing the items to use:

Plastic Canvas is washable, so I recommend using yarn and felt that are also washable, as coasters can become dirty at times.

The Sharper your scissors the better, you are cutting plastic!

* 7-mesh: The mesh size means that is how many wholes are per inch, i.e 7-mesh 7 holes per inch, 5-mesh 5 holes per inch.

When choosing the size to use keep in mind the size of needle and yarn you are using as well as how much detail you prefer to cover the project. The less holes the less stitches, the less detail, the less time it takes to finish your project.

** Thread count: The 'thread' is the 'line' of the plastic canvas, so for 5 holes you will have 6 threads :)