Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home-Made Bookmarks

       Simple book marks, great gifts! Done in Minutes!

The Above Bookmark was so simple to make - I drew My design (a swirl with a heart) onto a lid of a cottage cheese container, cut it out & colored with a permanent marker. Be sure to give it time to dry!

Paperclips always work great for bookmarks, I simply added some some beads for decor! 

Below are some honorable mentions of bookmarks made by others as well as a link to their how to pages! Hope you enjoy!

A Beautiful Butterfly Bead Bookmark 
- For the how to Please Visit - 

Simple Yet Elegant Bead Bookmark 
- How to Please Visit -

Textured and Embellished Bookmark by Diane J. Mayer
- How to Please Visit -

Great for Children 
- Furry Friends Bookmarks- 
-How to Please Visit-

Seeded Paper Bookmarks 
- How to please Visit -

My Favorite- I love the simplicity and uniqueness of this one!
- How to Please Visit -
I know this is very similar to the previous I just love the statement written on this!
The above is not a how to, it is just the location in which I found the image! 

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