Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Touch of Rocky Goodness

Two minute incense and candle holder touch ups that will add spark to any corner of any room.

 Cone incense, a very small saucer, a couple stones, a few beads and presto, a nice calming, unique, incense holder. I recommend using a little piece of aluminum foil around on the bottom of the cone incense to keep the beads and saucer from getting burnt.


                  A nice stick incense holder in a moment also, here I used a few rocks along with a vase (below) and a drinking glass (right). Sometimes a nice ribbon or string can pull the whole thing together.

     The one to  the right is my favorite,a large wine glass (half filled with water), brightly colored rocks, and three teacup candles a float. Always Classy! To the left, I took a candle holder that had been floating around the house and simply filled it with assorted beads and placed a teacup candle inside.

                 Teacup candle in holder, an ashtray, some bath salts, and a small collection of cowrie shells. The bath salts work excellent for a mild scent, I just leave them sitting out stirring occasionally for a stronger scent! 

This one I love to pull out for a centerpiece when I have guests over! One cute plant, one large platter, two candles/candle holders, and about a ¼ of a gallon rocks! 
If you have any questions or ideas you'd like to share, please do! Thank You! 

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